The Charles Darwin Selection is considered to be one of the most exciting new bands of the moment. Although influenced by many great bands from the past they have created their own original sound. Or as one of their great musical heroes – Mr. Robert Armstrong of The Cheap Suit Serenaders – says:

~ You and your band have a fine romping, stomping sound that captures the energy of jug band music along with old time country with a touch of bluegrass thrown in. I also like your use and mixture of various instrumentation. Mixing mandolins with slide guitar, banjo and horns has a very appealing sound. Your songs are clever and make a point. Altogether you and the Charles Darwin band have plenty of originality along with great energy. I can imagine you all being a big hit with your audiences. Here’s to your continued success ~

These lads play all kind of instruments & musical devices…

derr Ludo: guitar, dobro, lapsteel, slideguitar, glockenspiel, ukelele, mandolin, and vocals

dr. Fez: guitar, banjo, banjolele, mandolin, washboard, egg, harmonica, kazoo and vocals

Manus: guitar, ukelele, mandolin, trombone, trumpet, washboard, melodica, and devilish vocals

Anne-Linde: upright bass and vocals

Jigs, Reels, Waltzes, Moans, Rags & Stomps

New Album

find it here on Spotify and Bandcamp!!


They are handsome little devils too…

And  they look extremely good on video!

Winner price for most original act 2016!

Bimbobox - Album release Metropool Hengelo

Captain Yellowbeak - Album release Metropool Hengelo

Cleaning Windows - George Formby - Album release Metropool Hengelo

Wayfaring Stranger by Anne-Linde - Album release Metropool Hengelo


Look what came crawling from under a rock! The Charles Darwin Selection, a band from another time? Heck, they even seem to come from another úniverse!
Their selfpenned songs are not about things that normal people can be bothered with:
They sing about describing exotic birds for science; wellmeaning, but unsuccesfull missionaires; the terror of Darwin’s theory of evolution; how Tutankhamun’s (after)life got in a rut and the how and why of dinosaurbones in the ground.
Their musical influences are near-extinct musical types like ragtime, tradjazz, swing, hawaii-music, negro-spirituals en countyblues. Passionately brought back to life by the gents in a way not even ‘herr doktor’ Frankenstein could have imagined.
They take there music dead (pun intended) serious… but not themselves.
Master-bullfiddleplayer Chris Wouters provides the foundation on which the other three by Charles Darwin selected members Manus Horst, Ludo Klink and Hans Hartgers can play their guitars, ukuleles, banjos mandolins, trumpets, trombones, wasboards, harmonicas en kazoos as if the electric guitar and the drumkit were never invented.
Completing the picture is their wardrobe: cheap suits, bowties, breast-pocket handkerchiefs, garters and headgear like the topper, the fez and the bowler hat. And they sound exactly like they look.
Out of date, yet hip and happening.
Far, far out (of this world).

From the very first beginning TCDS played immediately in front of live audiences:

  • Bethlemen Boulevard Festival
  • Museum Twentse Welle, Enschede O’Hanlon’s Helden
  • Kunsten op Straat, Hengelo
  • Breugheliaanse feesten, Losser
  • Crazy Rob & Roll living room concert, Haaksbergen
  • Lenteoffensief Poppodium Atak, Enschede
  • All Mellow Festival, Almelo
  • De Gouden Pet Festival, Leiden (winner price for most original act)
  • Day of Democracy Festival, Enschede
  • Oranjepop Festival, Neede
  • Booster Festival, Enschede
  • Wak Festival, instore gig at Vintage 479 clothing shop, Enschede
  • Instore gig at Planet of Sound recordstore, Enschede
  • Whisky & Music Festival Poppodium Metropool, Hengelo
  • Craft Beer Festival Poppodium Atak, Enschede
  • Stadsherberg, Enschede
  • Album release 6 january 2018, Poppodium Metropool, Hengelo
  • RTV OOST, live-radio performance 12 january 2018

News & gigs

Dear people, It’s been a while but we are full ahead with shows, festivals, etc..etc..! We did some amazing gigs at Krangfestival, Moutbierfestival, Paco Plumtrek (hero) and many others, thanks you for having us! So come to see us play live! 23 juni Almelo |......

After a year of hard work the album is out now. And we are so proud. The EP contains 8 sublime own songs which are funny, emotional, incredibly sexy, educational, and many more. want to buy a copy?? A real vinyl album? Go to our......

Some people who see our shows are making some amazing pictures, please keep sending them to us. we love it! Here’s a wonderful portrait of our Master Muppet; Manus! thanks to Johan Simon for the pictures shot at Krangfestival....

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